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Wood sprung preforming arts system

     Robbins Wood sprung floors have a specially profiled hardwood performance surface that is recoatable & refinishable, & custom designed to increase flexibility and resilience for dancer safety. 

Marley sprung preforming arts floor system

     Robbins Forever Marley Sprung Floors have a heavy duty performance surface that is slip resistant & non-reflective, and can be used in a wide variety of dance applications.

Forever Marley
Forever Marley preforming arts floor system

     Forever Marley gives dancers and performers an exceptional and long lasting dance surface that lessens the risk of surface related injuries by providing a uniform performance floor. The term “marley floors” has come to represent any vinyl surface rolled out over an existing floor. Those vinyl surfaces have a number of issues the dance community has just learned to deal with over time. Forever Marley eliminates these issues and provides an alternative that is more durable and versatile for the space.

Classic systems
Classic preforming arts floor system

     Classic Systems include Parquet for Dance, the Bio-Channel® Classic Forever Marley, and the Bio-Channel® Classic Wood. 

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