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Performing arts


Forever Marley

  • Uniform surface that lessens the risk of surface injury and tripping hazards

  • Easy to clean and resurfaceable for a fraction of vinyl replacement cost

  •  Durable, seamless surface (no bubbling or cracking)

  • Compatible with any sprung floor system or laid directly over concrete

  • Tape can be used on the surface to simulate the appearance of vinyl seams if requested

  • Available in 17 colors to bring your studio or stage to life

  • Adjustable surface friction and gloss level


     Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Swing, Tap, Jazz, Theatrical, Multi-purpose

     The first seamless, engineered dance surface that gives performers a better alternative to traditional Marley surfaces.


     Why settle for ordinary vinyl and all the hassles that come with it, when you can have a superior alternative in Robbins FOREVER MARLEY?


     Forever Marley gives dancers and performers an exceptional, seamless, and long lasting dance surface that lessens the risk of surface related injuries by providing a uniform performance floor. The term “marley floors” has come to represent any vinyl surface rolled out over an existing floor. Those vinyl surfaces have a number of issues the dance community has just learned to deal with over time. Forever Marley eliminates these issues and provides an alternative that is more durable and versatile for the space.

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