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Hardwood floor Systems



Proven Performance

  • Robbins helps boost personal and group dancer performance through several aspects: Our proprietary panels and anchor pattern provide outstanding uniformity to prevent excessive rebound (“trampoline effect”) while balancing shock absorption and energy return. And, force reduction works with uniformity and vibration control to improve performance.

Proven Safety

  • We know how vital it is to protect dancers from the slightest of injuries, so we integrated every safety possible: maximized comfort and reduced fatigue through vibration tuning and damping, custom design to increase flexibility and resilience, and a deflection plate for foot stability, for starters.

     Count on Robbins to deliver the exceptional every time: We’ve engineered the most advanced professional sprung floor system in the industry, the DanzAire®. This patented, biomechanically researched floor was made for dancers of all disciplines, and its durable, solid maple hardwood surface has the strength to withstand the daily use by dancers and performers.

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