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Hardwood floor Systems



Proven Performance

  • Improved shock absorption & ball bounce for improved player performance

  • Anchored subfIoor interwoven design is perfect for heavy loads & allows lateral movement to reduce stress, maintaining structural integrity

  • Computer-assisted manufacturing technology for quality assurance

Proven Safety

  • Continuous subfIoor and continuous resilient pad provides vibration damping/control & uniformity for improved comfort

     Robbins has redefined uniformity & performance by improving the Bio-Channel Star system to pass ALL global performance standards worldwide, including the stringent MFMA 3rd party certification, PUR, which is strongly governed by the MFMA. PUR was designed utilizing exacting testing methodologies, to ensure that customers receive a reliable, well performing, competitive sports surface. Bio-Channel Star is great for new construction and renovation facilities!


Proven Safety

  • Bio-Channel Classic combines the structural and dimensional stability of anchored flooring systems with the safety and comfort of resilient sports flooring.  A plywood sleeper floats on 7/16″ Bio-Pads within a steel channel that’s anchored to the concrete floor.  A uniform playing surface with no dead spots is assured, as is the right amount of deflection and shock absorption.

Proven Performance

  • Excellent Athletic Performance

  • Superior dimensional stability

  • Continuous 3/4″ subfloor

  • Lateral movement of subfloor

  • Shimmable for different slab depression heights or out-of -level slabs

      Bio-Channel Classic is the proven choice for performance basketball facilities.  The Bio-Channel installation list is a who’s who of top NCAA and NBA performance basketball courts and training centers.  Programs such as Indiana, Kentucky, Duke, the Wizards and Lakers have relied on Bio-Channel for years to provide a solid performing gym floor.  Bio-Channel is a proven choice for large school arena environments where the floor must meet the performance demands of players as well as withstand temporary loading from stages or scissor lifts.  Bio-Channel is also a great choice for renovation projects with concrete planarity problems.  Regardless of the situation, Bio-Channel will meet the needs of any sports flooring project with stringent requirements for performance and durability.


Proven Performance

  • Continuous interwoven subfloor design is perfect for carrying heavy loads

  • System “bottoms” out on itself during heavy rolling or static loads

  • Elongated anchor slots allow lateral movement to reduce build up of stress, maintaining structural integrity

  • Anchored for dimensional stability and uniformity for long -term superior game play

  • Computer-assisted manufacturing technology for quality assurance

Proven Safety

  • Zero/G® Shockpad is the ultimate in vibration control to safe guard the well-being and performance of the athlete

  • Meets and exceeds all 3rd party industry standards for optimal safety and performance

     Robbins Bio-Channel SB combines the best of all worlds in sports floor design. Utilizing the benefits of Zero/G technology for excellent vibration control, and Self Blocking for a durable floor that can hold up under pressure from heavy loads and gym equipment, this high performance system is both durable and economical. It’s versatile design is quickly becoming a customer favorite that can accommodate almost any sport or facility need.

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