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UltraShield 100 Vapor Barrier Features
Ultrashield 100 Vapor Barrier

Superior Moisture Protection:

  • 99% RH Protection

  • Loose-Lay Installation

  • Protects Against pH12

  • Resistant to Mold & Fungus

  • For Approved Wood & Synthetic Floor Systems

  • Accepts Anchor Penetration

  • No Shot Blasting Required

     UltraShield 100 is a rolled moisture barrier for use over concrete floors where high in-slab Relative Humidity (RH or high PH) readings are present when tested per ASTM F2170. It is designed to suppress the upward movement of moisture vapor and alkalinity from the concrete slab into the finished flooring, which can lead to floor failure.


     UltraShield 100 is a superior underlayment that can be installed over on-grade and below-grade concrete slabs, as well as elevated precast slabs, slabs on metal decks, elevated structural concrete, and lightweight concrete. UltraShield 100 carries a 20 Yr Warranty, which is 10 years longer than most!

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