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Refinishing & Recoats

     Gym floor refinishing is what we do. It’s a specialty we’ve been perfecting for 4 decades now. Over the years, not only we experienced every type of scenario, but we’ve provided successful solutions year after year, and job after job. We tackle each and every situation with a complete and unique set of gym refinishing plans. Pacific Floor Company, Inc offers top-notch gym refinishing services. We encourage you to take advantage of our tested, tailor-made services.


     If you are looking for us to install gym floors, our forty years history has catapulted us to the lead in gym floor design and knowledge. Gym floor sanding is often on the top of the gym floor refinishing list, so let our professional get your gym floor back to optimum condition. Finish recoating will also set your gym floor apart from the norm, while unsightly water damage and repairs can be transformed with our services all in an effort to save your existing gym floor.


     Pacific Floor Company, Inc services are designed to bring gym floors back to life and to create the ideal foundation for all types of activity.

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